Shoe care kit -

Essential products to take care of your leather shoes

29,00 €


The SCHMOOVE shoe care kit is composed of essential products to take care of your leather shoes as :

  • polishing cloth
  • shoe brush
  • leather conditioner
  • suede and nubuck eraser
  • waterproof spray

Polishing cloth :

For applying cream, wax and shoe polish and for making your shoes shine after polishing.

Shoe brush :

Removes the dust from all kind of leather.

Leather conditioner :

Cleans, nourishes and softens smooth leather.

Eraser for suede and nubuck :

Cleans and removes stains from suede and nubuck shoes.

Waterproof spray :

Protects against water and stains for all kind of leather.

Ref. 1P050013C5


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