About the brand

Schmoove improves the original daring of a brand against the flow of men shoes’ classic codes. Breaking the rules, getting off the beaten track, raising bravery as a lifestyle ... An attitude that nicely shows some idea of the ​​”Chic”, elegant but casual. With the slight singularity of those who are proud of their style ... and like to let it know !


In 2001, Schmoove launches its very first collection, with the desire to offer different shoes to men. Soon, the bold lines and offbeat models find their followers. The new french brand is against the flow and breaks newground with shoes even more singular and casual. Schmoove becomes a strong brand with an distinctive DNA, placing a creative know-how as a priority. A shameless and unlimited journey starts !

"No gods, no masters", "authorized dealer", "nothing to prove", "boys don’t cry": so many subversive and assertive slogans that set the tone over the years and collections. Since its creation, the avant-garde spirit of the brand has been keeping the tone through the seasons, with the watchword of the constant search of the right balance between timelessness and fashion. Even today, the explosive mix of casual, sportswear and urban codes runs through the brand, which is still in tune with the wardrobe of the modern Man. Schmoove designs also offer a manufacture made in Portugal and designed in France to the feet that wear them.


Paris, Bastille. Where the youth embodies the cool, Parisian-style. The constant challenge mixed with an air of romance, through crowded terraces, nightlife pleasures and romantic walks, just like in a movie set.

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London, Camden. The rebel and chic London spirit with a hint of eccentricity. Unusual and eclectic, an alternative attitude you can live by day, night, with jeans, in leather or suits ... And more or less (well) groomed.

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New York, Soho. Walk fast, pounce, jump and run again. Walk along the pavement in a raw, arty and overflowing city environment, always at the top of fashion. The electric New York-style.

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