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History - Brand spirit

In the words of Yvon Rautureau, Schmoove is "Something that’s so fucking badass that the universe buckles under its awesomeness."

For a very long time, men's footwear fell into two categories: the traditional, elegant business-suited gentleman and the sporty, virile action man. In 2001, in order to put an end to this absurd and archaic supposition, the Rautureau brothers came up with an alternative design - a "banker's meet sports" hybrid that bore the name "The Jamaica"… SCHMOOVE had arrived!

Based on a desire to offer men a new style of shoe, the brand's creativity is very much part of its shoemaking expertise. It marked the beginning of an adventure, one with no complex or limits. The brand's avant-garde “No gods, no masters” spirit permeates each collection the aim being to find the perfect balance between timeless and on-trend styles.

SCHMOOVE continues to be part of a “post-modern” movement, one that believes in a melting pot society that also maintains affinities. It was therefore natural and timely that Schmoove launched its first women's collection in 2013. In the same vein as the men's collections, the women's designs blend a Brit-rock meets a free-thinking, off-beat folk style.

As expert shoemakers, the workmanship and fit must be flawless.SCHMOOVE therefore only uses production sites that offer the savoir-faire we require. Production is mainly in Portugal, a country famous for its know-how particularly regarding leather footwear.


SCHMOOVE footwear is now available in 500 outlets across the globe, as well as the brand's four Parisian shops situated in Temple, Charonnes, Cherche-Midi and Montmartre.